Jet’s Snow Landing At Madrid-Barajas Airport In Filomena Aftermath

This is the time-lapse footage of a plane crossing the white Castilian countryside as it comes to land at Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez, showing the extent of snowfall to blanket the region from Storm Filomena.



The extent to which Storm Filomena has blanketed Spain in snow is shown by this time-lapse footage of a plane crossing the countryside as it comes to land at Spain’s busiest airports.

Officials at the Madrid Barajas International Airport have been battling to keep the runway snow-free on the outskirts of the Spanish capital where 300 flights were scheduled to arrive yesterday.

All  flights were cancelled as the storm swept over the region , but officials worked around the clock to clear the snow to reopen the day after the storm had passed.

The video shared on Twitter shows the plane coming in to land at the Spanish airport where everything is blanketed in white except for the runway.

The pilot takes advantage of the good visibility and the fact that the snow has been removed from the runway and lands without a hitch.

The video has been viewed nearly 200,000 times and was praised by netizens such as ‘Delanuza’ who said: “Good work airport staff. Thanks a lot for taking care of us so well.”

Netizen ‘Ddrsamursaran’ complained about the situation at Madrid Barajas airport: “I am only saying that the situation in Barajas on Monday was super chaotic and very frustrating. A delay of over seven hours to take a flight, very frustrating.”

Interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlasca defended airport officials, saying that they were very much dependent on weather conditions and would not take risks with people’s lives

Madrid Barajas Airport continues to experience delays and cancellations due to the backlog of cancelled flights.

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