Feared Columbian Hit Man “El Nene” Arrested In Madrid

The Spanish National Police, have arrested an alleged Columbian hitman in an international operation with the Columbian authorities and Interpol.

The suspect is believed to have been behind some 100 deathsincluding that of his mother-in-law, according to a police statement.

The Spanish police investigation began when the Colombian authorities issued an international arrest warrant, after a tip off that he was living in Spain.

The operation soon encovered his whereabouts and movements in Spain, as well as ongoing links with his native Columbia most notably with the Cordillera drugs traficking cartel, with whom he worked as a hitman and as it transpired the head of the European operation.

It is believed he entered Spain illegally in 2015 with the intention of building a European network for the cartel and which he was able to establish in Spain, Belgium and France.

The police tracked him to an address in Madrid where he was living with his girlfriend and child and arrested him as he left his house.

La Cordillera is considered a violent “organized and hierarchical drug smuggling organization” with links throughout South and Central America, the United States, Cape Verde as well as Spain.

The suspect has been wanted in Columbia for over 15 years outside the law and is now in police custody in Madrid awaiting extradition procedures to hand him over to the Columbian authorities where he will face trial for murder.


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