Health & Wellbeing – A Fresh Start In 2017

A new year means a clean slate. A fresh start.
A blank book with 365 pages to fill with, hopefully, more tribulations than trials.
The Madrid Metropolitan talked to expert Jennifer Jones about how to live your best year yet.

Each day, Jennifer Jones — owner of Mad Fit and a meditation instructor, Reiki master and motivational speaker — teaches dozens of people how to fall in love with their lives. Foremost, Jones suggests they pay attention to their vibrations, or how a person’s energy moves in the space around them. High vibrations are associated with positive feelings such as love, happiness and peace. Low vibrations mean darker qualities, such as anger, hatred, fear and resentment.
Shift away from negativity and other things, even other people, that lower your vibrations, Jones said. Doing something that makes you happy, even for a little bit each day, can boost your energy and spirit.

“What feels good? Do that,” she said. “Every single day. No exceptions. Play more. Even two minutes will shift your vibration.”
Jones also advises people to take life as it comes, one day at a time, and to visualize the outcome they want. Our minds get carried away with fears and worries about what’s to come that day, she said. It helps to begin your day in the driver’s seat.
“Start your day in control. Instead of a ‘to-do’ list, have a mental checklist,” she said. “What are you grateful for? Pray. Meditate. Visualize the day before it begins and imagine it going exactly as you want.”

Scheduling time to think is helpful in living your best life as well, Jones said. People schedule time to sleep, eat and exercise, so it makes sense to set aside time in the day to focus on what takes up space in their minds.
“When the allotted time is up, I move on,” Jones said. “If it’s unresolved, I schedule time for later.”
Trusting your gut in situations can help and will never steer you wrong, she said. She also recommends that people stop measuring what they have against what others have.
“Stop comparison; it kills,” Jones said. “There is only one you, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. The world needs you and your gifts, specifically.”
Another tip?
“Love hard,” Jones said. “Love is a boomerang. It will come back (to you).”

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