Mayors Of Madrid & Kyiv Sign Twinning As “Sister Cities”

As the NATO Summit winds up in Madrid, the capital´s Mayor, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, has signed an agreement with Vitali Klitschko, the Mayor of Kiev for the two cities to be twinned.

As well as the symbolic nature of the agreement – the first ever between cities in Spain and Ukraine, the agreement will cover “cooperation and collaboration in different areas such as sustainability, infrastructure, culture or tourism.”

Klitschko, who is a former heavyweight world boxing champion, who was also in Madrid for the NATO Summit, said: “I thank our Western partners, our Spanish partners for supporting Ukraine in this critical time for it. And I am convinced that our cooperation with Madrid will be effective and useful for our capitals. Today, Madrid accepts refugees from Ukraine, provides humanitarian assistance to Kyiv and Ukraine. We also discussed many projects that we plan to jointly implement in the Ukrainian and Spanish capitals”.

Since the Russian invasion, Klitschko has been internationally praised as a symbol of Ukrainian resistance.

For his part, Almeida, said that he was convinced that the Ukrainian people will prevail and “end this injustice” and “win the war.”

He underlined Spain´s support for Ukraine and that “Madrid will always be at Kyiv’s side”.

Over 40 western leaders were in Madrid for the NATO Summit which has been hailed as the most “ decisive” in generations with commitments from key countries such as the United States, UK and Germany to step up defence spending and capabilities.



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