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Combating Closet Chaos with Style!

Have you experienced “Closet Chaos”?  Have you spent far too much time and frustration looking for something to wear, finding only half of an outfit, and then when you finally find the other half, it’s too wrinkled to put on?

If so, you need a closet make-over.  Metropolitan Closet Company has been in the business of creating systems for closets, wardrobes, and other areas of the home for over 25 years.

They have created storage systems from the one-room studio apartments for rent in Garland, where storage space is a precious commodity, to very specialized dressing rooms, even in castles and palaces.

As Amy Thomas, Design Director, points out, “Our homes have become our sanctuaries, and when we walk in, we want to find what I like to define as, ‘Visual Peace’.”

She goes on to explain that visual peace is when you walk into your home (or your closet, or your kitchen) and you are not bombarded with visual clutter, and when your things are organized in an eye-pleasing way, you create visual peace, instead of stressful chaos.

Metropolitan Closet Company creates the systems that store your clothing, in a way that it is easy to see, easy to reach, and optimizing the space available.  They put their years of experience into each design they do, so that their clients can dress quickly and easily.

The design process begins with needs assessment.  They will ask who is going to use the closet and what type of clothing they have.    Is it for a young person, or a professional?    Do they travel often?  How tall are they?

All of this goes into creating a design that works!  Once the design is finished, then they move on to decide what finish will fit-in with your home décor, creating something that is as beautiful, as well as functional.

As for the installation, they boast of a team that is professional and gets the job done efficiently and correctly.

Amy notes that a large portion of their customers come from repeat and referrals.  Many clients comment that really realized how good their closet system is when they use it.  And once you’ve lived with a “Metropolitan Closet” you won’t every want to live without one!

Metropolitan Closet Company designs, builds, and installs all types of custom-made furniture, from closets and wardrobes, to bookcases, entertainment systems, desks and workspaces, bathroom furniture, laundry rooms, pantries, and more.

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