How Expats Can Alleviate Homesickness When Living in Spain During Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has put all of us in situations we could not have anticipated. However, it’s the expats and business travellers stuck in Spain, away from their loved ones, who have been most affected by the global pandemic. In an attempt to curb the spread of the virus, governments across the world have put social distancing policies and travel restrictions in place.

As a result, millions of expats and business travellers have been isolated from their friends and family. Being isolated from society, away from home, and the people you love has been a highly stressful ordeal even for the seasoned members of the expat community. Read on to learn how to cope with this situation and feel more at home.

Tips to Alleviate Homesickness 

Being isolated from your loved ones during a pandemic can take a toll on your mental health and overall wellbeing. If you find yourself living abroad during the pandemic, there are steps you can take to help with the feelings of homesickness. 

Manage Negative Emotions

Physical confinement can take a toll on your mental health. The effects of social isolation are even worse for those who are quarantining abroad, thousands of miles away from their loved ones. It is common to feel lonely and anxious during these turbulent times. You may even feel down and helpless. It helps to accept reality, acknowledge that this is a temporary situation, and try to remain positive.

Stay Connected With Loved Ones

Using technology to stay in touch with friends and family can get you through strict social distancing and lockdown regimes overseas. Thanks to technological advancements in recent years, it’s easy to keep in touch with loved ones from half a world away. You can connect with loved ones through video calls via Skype and Zoom, instant messaging apps, and social media.

Create a Routine

With many aspects of our lives disrupted by the raging pandemic, everything may seem out of control. Establishing a routine even for simple things such as when to wake up, eat, contact friends and family, etc., can make the long days spent in isolation more manageable.

Use A VPN to Connect With Loved Ones

You can bond over movies, TV shows, and local sports with friends and family through streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video. Since streaming platforms offer different content for each country, you’ll have to use a VPN. To enjoy local content from Spain, simply connect to a VPN service to change your location to your home country.

As an expat stuck overseas due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, being isolated from friends and family thousands of miles away can be highly stressful. Luckily, there are steps you can take to alleviate the feelings of homesickness. Follow these tips to feel more at home and ease the stress of stringent social distancing measures in your host country.



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