Five Reasons Why You Should Retire in Spain

Five Reasons Why You Should Retire in Spain

If you have clicked on this article, it probably means that you have finally reached retirement (or you’re planning on doing so soon). If so, congratulations are in order! You’ve worked very hard to reach this point in time and you should enjoy this new chapter of your life to the fullest.

Many people choose to retire to a foreign country because life abroad is either cheaper or more enjoyable. Whatever you reason for retiring abroad, you want to ensure that you are making the right decision. To make things all the easier, here are five reasons why you should retire in Spain.

Warm Climate

Arguably, Spain has the best climate in Europe. Some regions, like the Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain, boast of 320 days of sun per year!

If you’ve lived in a cold climate your entire life or you’re not a fan of winter, don’t hesitate to retire in Spain. Although some regions are warmer than others, the fantastic climate is what attracts so many pensioners to the Iberian Peninsula.

Fresh and Local Produce

Another reason why so many people decide to move to Spain is because it has amazing produce. Most of the fresh ingredients are locally sourced, which makes eating, both at home and in restaurants, a luxurious experience.

The country has an incredibly strong culture regarding food, so if you are a real foodie, you won’t regret moving to Spain. Some local delicacies you must try are paella, tortilla de patatas and croquets.

Affordable Housing

Compared to the rest of Europe, housing in Spain is relatively cheap. Some of the most expensive areas for housing include Barcelona and Madrid. Housing in Sevilla and Valencia is slightly cheaper, whilst regions like Malaga, Alicante, and Cadiz are extremely affordable.

If you want to go all in, you can always buy a property in Spain. This is a great investment because your asset will only appreciate, and it can always be rented out if not in use.

Laid-Back and Relaxed Lifestyle

When you’re retired you want to enjoy a laid back and relaxed lifestyle. Spain has this attitude engrained within its culture. It may be difficult to get used to at first, but it’s simply the way of life.

Its customary for shops, businesses, and restaurants to close during ‘siesta time’ which is the designated time for an afternoon nap. Shops tend to close at 2:00 and re-open at 5:00, whilst bars and restaurants close at 4:00 until 8:00.

Large Expatriate Community

Finally, there are many different expatriate communities in Spain, not just British ones. There are many people from Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, who choose to retire in Spain too.

The population of retired expats is rapidly growing in Spain, and you can see why. The country boasts of amazing weather, culture, and gastronomy, all whilst keeping the cost of living relatively low. If you’ve got your sights set on calling Spain your new home, don’t hesitate to make your move.

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