Huge Blaze Engulfs Electro Domestic Scrapyard Plant

Madrid firefighters have released footage of their battle against a huge blaze of burning washing machines and electrical devices in a scrapyard in Madrid.

The fire happened at a scrapyard in the southern municipality of Leganes located south of  Madrid and which started in the early hours of 16th February.

Video footage  shows the flames covering the yard while a second one shows massive columns of smoke rising in the air as firefighters battle the fire underneath.

Another two videos show the blaze from what appears to be drone footage.

Thermal imaging also revealed the full scale of the heat and flames generated during the blaze.

Clouds of smoke were reportedly seen from different points of Madrid.

A final video shows one of the firemen leading the operation named J.A. Bernal, explaining that the dump pile was made up of washing machines, plastics, and other electro domestic items which caused it to reach high temperatures and made it difficult to extinguish.

However, he added that they began removing pieces of metal from the top of the pile and were placing them in a secure location after cooling off, assuring the situation was contained.

Local media said the blaze occurred in an area that has around 10,000 square metres (107,639 square foot) of space occupied by washing machines and other electro domestic products.

There were no reported injuries from the incident.

The local police are still investigating the cause of the fire which remains unknown.


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