Municipal Police In Cocaine Fuelled M30 Car Chase

A driver high on cocaine led police on a terrifying 20-mile chase down a motorway sending cars and pedestrians diving for cover.

The driver, not named in local media in Madrid, Spain, hurtled through a motorway service station almost hitting a woman and then even drove the wrong way down a motorway.

And he injured two police officers smashing through a roadblock set up to force him to stop.

Shocking CCTV police footage of the end of the chase shows the suspect’s car after it was finally boxed in by a fleet of police cars and motorbikes and forced into a crash barrier.

Earlier on 28th October police helping a woman who had broken down saw the car race past at high speed and gave chase along Spain’s M-30 and A-4 motorways.

The driver repeatedly tried to ram police vehicles and tried to hit officers, according to local media.

Even when he was trapped the driver refused to come quietly and police had to smash the car window and drag him out.

He was then reportedly taken to the 12 de Octubre Hospital, along with the injured officers.

Drug testing showed the suspect had cocaine in his system, according to local media.

The driver, said to be aged between 27 and 37, was arrested on charges of serious reckless driving.


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