Ice Cream Health Scare As Popular Brands Withdrawn

A major contamination healthcare has caused Nestlé and Mars to recall 46 varieties of ice cream products after traces of Ethylene Oxide were found in samples across the country.

The full list of products that have been recalled are here: Ice Cream Recall Products.

The list was compiled by the consumer assocation FACUA, which includes popular brands such as Milka, Toblerone, Nuii, Oreo, Princesa, La Lechera and Smarties.

FACUA  demanded that Nestlé and Froneri “act with transparency and make public the complete list of affected products”, saying that Mars is the only manufacturer that has so far made public a list of products that they will withdraw in Spain.

The consumer association is advising consumers  who have recently purchased these affected products, not to eat them and return them to the retailer for a refund.

In a statement on its website  said that they are “removing those batches of products that have used the ingredient that contains trace amounts of ETO (ethylene oxide), as since we received the alert about the accidental contamination of said ingredient supplied by one of our suppliers, we have taken proactive measures”, assuring that they are “working in full cooperation with the health authorities to quickly withdraw all the affected batches from the points of sale”.

The statement continued that the amount of the affected component found “is negligible in the final product” and clarifies that, “even in the case of consumption of a product that could be affected by this incident, and based on external and in-house analysis, it is highly unlikely that it will pose a risk to consumer health”, although they did state that a possible health risk derives “mainly from the direct manipulation of the substance, or from a hypothetical continued consumption in large doses”.


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