Learn Spanish Phrases – Shopping

“REBAJAS” Spain has a unique culture, but some things are universal – such as getting the same for less and grabbing a bargain!

There are two main “Sales Seasons” In Spain – January – After Reyes ( 6th January) and in the month of August for the Summer Sales.

  • Cuanto cuesta esto? How much is this?
  • Cual es la rebajadeesta camiseta? What is the discount onthis t-shirt?
  • -iYO lo he visto primero! I saw it first!
  • -lLO tienes en otro color? Do you have it in another color?
  • -Voy a pagar contarjeta de credito/en efectivo I am going to pay bywith credit card/in cash.
  • Puedes envolverlo? Could you gift wrap it please?
  • Puedo devolverlo si es necesario? Can I return it later if necessary?

Beware that Many Retail Outlets In Spain are less obliging when it comes to refunds and returned items – so check before you buy!

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