Litigation Finance Arrives In Madrid

GreenPark Global, one of the world’s leading players in global litigation investments, is making a splash in the Spanish capital.

The firm is in Madrid as a key sponsor of the British Benevolent Fund Centenary celebrations, whose patron, the British Ambassador, Hugh Elliott, will be hosting the milestone event at his official residence.

Green Park Global is considered one of the industry leaders with over 21 years of litigation finance experience with a reputation built on raising capital for some of the highest-profile court cases worldwide, ranging from IP infringement disputes to mergers & acquisitions.

Their founder, Laura Mann, was an investor herself before starting GreenPark Global and has made extensive due diligence the keystone of investor partnerships.

To provide early liquidity for investors, they constantly seek opportunities to sell investment portfolios allowing for a very lucrative assured returns alternative to traditional investing.
Investors here can substantially profit in the short-term (in a matter of months, typically 6 to 12 months).. as they financially assist the legal journey therefore not even having to wait to the end of the successful legal case outcome.

The GreenPark Global mission is to seek investors to make justice accessible and support clients in specialised litigation fund investments. Litigation often pits smaller parties against industry giants, “from our own example, mega organisations from sectors such as public transport, entertainment, online shopping, artificial intelligence, amongst others that have been in breach of their agreements”, said business development delegates, Craig Phillips and Henry Cruz.

They have highlighted a recent case of a small software company which was experiencing ‘nonconsensual use’ of their exclusive software by global giants and who was able to gain the financial support necessary including some of the world’s biggest law firms guidance, they were able to “take on these giants to seek and obtain justice”.

Their expertise lies in helping fund high-profile legal cases with complexity and costs allowing both a stable and unique investment model but also vital financial support without overwhelming expenses, ensuring justice isn’t hindered by financial constraints making “justice a reality!


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