Los Petazetaz Influencers Arrested For Raping Followers

Two famous Spanish influencers  have been detained in Madrid for drugging and raping underage female followers.

The duo reportedly used mobile devices and cameras to film the sex attacks in the home of one of the suspects.

The duo are known as Los Petazetaz and were arrested today in the Vallecas district for sexually assaulting several underage female followers after drugging them.

The duo have over 440,000 followers on one TikTok account alone.

The arrested pair, named in local media only as Jose Hernan A. and Ivan G., better known to their followers as Ivancete and Hernycool, allegedly used their thousands of followers on social networks to contact teenagers who would be their victims.

Photo shows the two influencers known as ‘Los Petazetaz’ with a girl, undated. They were arrested in Madrid for drugging and child abuse. (@lospetazetaz/Newsflash)

Five victims have been identified so far and investigators believe there could be more.

The duo promoted energy drinks in their content, many of their videos featuring minors in the setting of a hair salon.

Often posting videos showing them behind the wheel of expensive Audis with luxury apartments, their audience was reportedly primarily made up of minors.

But local media reported that their followers began to decrease in number before the Spanish National Police began investigating them in December.

Jose Hernan A. and Ivan G. were reportedly arrested in January, it has now emerged in Spanish media, with officials in Spain saying that they attracted underage female followers online before playing games with them at the home of one of the suspects, which involved drugs.

They then allegedly raped the girls while they were incapacitated by the drugs. At least one of the rapes is said to have been filmed.

The police finally arrested them on 24th January and one of them, it is unclear which one, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault, one count of rape, exhibitionism, child pornography and five crimes against public health.

Photo shows the two influencers known as ‘Los Petazetaz’ with a girl, undated. They were arrested in Madrid for drugging and child abuse. (@lospetazetaz/Newsflash)

The second detainee has been charged with sexual assault.

The alleged victims reportedly say that they went to the home of one of the suspects after being attracted by the chance to meet their heroes and impressed by the number of followers they had on social media.

They said that once inside, the duo would begin to consume drugs and offer to share them.

The police searched the home and found evidence of sexual assault, even identifying a new victim, according to local media.

The police also seized numerous electronic storage devices, different quantities of narcotic substances and two mobile phones.

One of the suspects was immediately imprisoned by a judge, while the other was charged and released.

The investigation is ongoing.


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