Madrid Cannibal Trial Hears Gruesome Details Of Mother´s Murdered Body

An alleged cannibal is on trial accused of strangling his own mother,  dismembering her body and putting it into lunchboxes which he stored in the fridge and ate over the course of the next two weeks.

The court heard that Alberto Sanchez Gomez, 26, had frequently been violent towards his mother Maria Soledad Gomez, 66, who had taken out a restraining order against him, yet friends knew that whenever he would call, she would always take him back, in telling them: “What can I do, he is my son”.

But her motherly love ultimately appears to have cost her life, after the man dubbed in local media as the ‘Cannibal of Salamanca’. He is on trial for murdering her in the Guindalera district of Madrid on 21st February 2019.

The trial of Alberto Sanchez Gomez, 26, known as the cannibal of Guindalera, for the murder of his mother María Soledad Gomez, 66, who he divided into pieces and planed to eat. (Newsflash)

The daily newspaper ABC, reported that authorities arrived at the young man’s house, which he shared with his mother after family friends reported that they hadn’t seen Soledad for several days.

The officers were greeted by Gomez who at the door reportedly admitted that he had strangled his mother to death.

The police entered the house with no idea that they were going to find Soledad’s body strewn throughout the building with edible parts in the fridge.

Officers reported that the 66-year-old’s limbs were wrapped in plastic and left lying around various rooms, but other parts were in the fridge and in the oven pieces further been cooked was still sitting in a pan.

Several police officers were reportedly violently sick due to the overwhelming stench and shock of what they were seeing.

The suspect was arrested and has since admitted that he strangled his mother, cut her up and then spent 15 days eating her remains whilst feeding the bits he did not want to his dog.

The prosecutor is accusing Gomez of nurder and the desecration of a corpse for which he is facing 15 years and five months in prison along with EUR 90,000 compensation which he must pay to his brother.

The prosecutor believes that the young man had an argument with his mother during which he allegedly grabbed her by the throat, suffocating her.

According to the prosecutor, Gomez then took his dead mother’s body into the bedroom and allegedly began to chop her up into small pieces.

The body was allegedly dismembered by the suspect using two kitchen knives and a saw after which he stored the body parts in lunchboxes in the fridge and some unusable bits were put into plastic bags which were dumped in the street.

According to local media, the court believes that the suspect is suffering from a mental illness, possibly borderline personality disorder, and was at the time consuming hard drugs.

The cocktail of drugs and mental illness could have resulted in an outburst that led to him killing his mother.

ABC claims that the suspect has been admitted to psychiatric care three times at the behest of his mother who was terrified of him as he would routinely physically attack her.

After being arrested in 2018 for attacking her, Gomez was served a restraining order but he violated the court order and returned to his mothers home.

The victim apparently told one of her friends who asked why she lets her son back into her life after he was served the restraining order: “What am I going to do? After all, he is still my son.”

The daily newspaper El Pais reported that the suspect, who has been held in detention since 23rd February 2019, is currently on suicide watch due to his fragile mental state.

The defendant and the police officers who found the dismembered body of Maria Soledad began their testimony yesterday, 20th April in Madrid’s criminal court.


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