Madrid Lockdown – What You Need To Know

The Spanish Health Ministry has published the measures which will be introduced for all designated areas to combat the Covid-19 spread.

Which areas are affected by the lockdown measures?

Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, Alcobendas, Alcorcón, Fuenlabrada, Getafe, Leganés, Torrejón de Ardoz, Móstoles and Parla.

Why these areas?

The Ministry of Health’s guidelines to trigger local lockdown measures are:

  1. Infection rate has breached 500 per 100,000 inhabitants over the previous 14 days.
  2. To have a PCR positive test rate of 10% or over.
  3. To have a UCI bed occupation rate in excess of 35%



When do the Measures Come Into Force?

According to the BOE Madrid ( Official State Gazette for government notices) from 22.00 tonight Friday 2nd October.

What Are the Measures?

  • Restrict resident movements in and out of the affected areas or districts unless with adequate excuse such as going to work or school, university, visiting doctor, bank, courts or other public adminstrative centres or in the case of force majeure.
  • Road movement including by mortorways can only be undertaken when necessary for the above reasons only and without detours.
  • Limit of a maximum of 6 people together in any public or public place.
  • Cultural Centres to have a maximum capacity of 30% of total.
  • Funerals to have a maximum capacity of 15 people in the open air or 10 people in closed spaces.
  • Shops and Shopping Centres to have a maximum capacity of 50% of total and be closed by 10pm.
  • Restaurants, bars and coffee shops to have a maximum capacity of 50% indoors and 60% outdoors.
  • Restaurant, bars and coffee shop tables to be a minimum distance to others of 1.5 metre apart.
  • No new clients can be admitted after 10pm and all establishments must be closed by 11pm.
  • Academies and private teaching venues to have a maximum capacity of 50% of total per classroom.
  • Sports venues to have a maximum capacity of 50% indoors and 60% outdoors.
  • The measures will be in place for 15 days or until the affected area no longer meets  the criteria.
 View BOE Document 


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