Madrid Opens Its Doors With “Open House Madrid”

The capital opens its doors for the sixth annual Open House Madrid from the 25th to 27th September.

Madrid is part of the Open House Worldwide initiative encompassing some 40 cities around the world including London, New York and Barcelona which enables you to visit those city’s most emblematic buildings which are usually closed to the public with guided tours ( including this year virtual visits).

This year´s theme and slogan is Rediscover Madrid, which will allow visitors to view well known iconic buildings with new eyes.

Among the buildings and spaces that can be visited this year include the Fernando Higueras Foundation, Huérfanos de la Armada School, the State Fleet, Gárate House, Fernán Núñez Palace, the Bertelsmann Space , Zarzuela Hippodrome, the Giner de los Ríos FoundationMedialab-Prado, the Castelar Pérez-Llorca Building, the Centre of Hydrographic Studies(CEDEX), the “El Águila” ComplexMadrid Regional Archive and Library  and the CaixaForum. 

The festival will also pay tribute to the leading Spanish  architect Alejandro de la Sota whose most famous and admired project, the Maravillas School gymnasium is included.

Also offered will be guided walks on 15 different routes that highlight the city’s architectural heritage from a cultural, tourist and didactic perspective, revealing the secrets of the Castellana, Arturo Soria’s Ciudad Lineal as well as viewing the Four Towers business and conference area including the under construction fifth tower.

A further two routes will be offered lookin at buildings that have been used in famous film locatations.


Photo Credit: Quique Olivar

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