Madrid Police Bust Albanian Sex Extortion Gang

The Spanish National Police have dismantled an Albanian sex extortion gang who were operating in the Madrid region.

The modus operandi of the gang was to place fake adverts for sex services from Eastern European girls as bait.

Victims then responded and were threatened by the girl’s supposed “manager” if the victims did not then pay for “wasting their time” even if they did not actually take up any offers of sexual services.

Many in fact did pay the gang for fear of being exposed to family and work colleagues as being users of sexual services.

The police began their investigation into the gang after complaints from victims that even after paying off the gang they were still receiving threats.

According to the statement released by the authorities the gang made around 5,000 Euros from 15 victims, although there could be a significant number not

The police have mounted several high profile investigations into similar gangs including that of Alaves coach, Abelardo Fernandez, who resigned for being cought up in a similar scam and is believed to have lost around 30,000 Euros.

Eight gang members have been detained and the investigation continues.



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