Madrid Police Seize Unauthorised Antigen Tests

The Spanish National Police have have seized 300,000 unauthorised Covid-19 antigen tests, which do not comply with the regulations set out by the Ministry of Health.

The police raided a warehouse in the southern Madrid municipality of Fuenlabrada after detecting the shipment. In less than 24 hours, the authorities had blocked the distribution of the goods and raided the premises.

The investigation began on Tuesday, December 28, following a tip off that a shipment of non officially sanctioned tests had arrived.
Investigators were able to locate the shipment within just 24 hours in an industrial park in Fuenlabrada.

Today, 29th December, officers raided the the warehouse where some 1 million antigen tests were discovered, of which 300,000 of them were found to be without the required  paperwork or a lack of authorisation for distribution.

It is unclear if the tests are counterfiet ones or simply lacking the required paperwork.

The authorities are filing a report to fine the four companies that are implicated.

The investigation continues.



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