Mona Bizzari’s Journey of Self-Discovery Entering The Spanish Market

In 2021 Bizzari Jewelry became one of the partners of Alya Society – A Madrid-based international networking community of English-Speaking business leaders sharing their passion
for excellence and success. Mona Bizzari is very honored to be part of this very prestigious organization.

The Jordanian-Egyptian Jewelry Designer following her passion from the binary world to the World of Conceptual Jewelry. Mona Bizzari tells the story of her journey of self-discovery.
Her Source of inspiration has always been concepts all around the world. Different Cultures, and Traditions from different nations and times.

Her passion has landed in the Spanish lands, and is planning to extend her presence in Spain, initially by being among the partners of Alya Society.

Bizzari Jewelry has offered precious gifts and offers as one of Alya’s distinguished partners during the last Award Ceremony taking place in December 2021.

Mona Bizzari, Founder and Creative Director of Bizzari jewelry Brand, Located Currently in Egypt, a conceptual jewelry designer and certified crystal healer. Mona graduated from the
American University in Cairo (AUC), majoring in Computer Science. She started her career as a Software developer and was very successful at it for a couple of years. However, since childhood,
Mona Bizzari was always fascinated with gemstones and jewelry and has always collected special pieces from her trips across the world.

In 2006, Mona started her jewelry designing journey which all started with her lifelong collection of gemstones along her computer science career. She started having followers to her creations on social media. In 2009, Mona decided to take the leap and shift her career to become a fully dedicated jewelry designer and founded her jewelry brand “Bizzari Jewelry” online. 2013 was another memorable year for Mona as she opened her first showroom.

Positive concepts are Mona’s personality pillars and the way she heals her soul, including Hope, Forgiveness, Appreciation, planting love, Living on Borders, and fixing yourself with gold
or Kintsugi. So, she decided to share them with the world in her collections. She is well-known for her uniqueness as the jewelry she designs is bold and storytelling, and is all about concepts,
color and rich elements.

Plant Love Statement Collection was inspired from Karma, and what you plant today is what you will Harvest tomorrow. Bizzari Chooses to plant love!

Her Latest Collection was inspired from the Italian Cornicelli, or the Chili that are most commonly, the Italian horn which is a symbol of good luck. The Italian horn is believed to protect
the person who wears it. A Cornicelli charm only brings good luck if it is given to you, so don’t buy one for yourself. However, Bizzari broke this rule in Summer 2021. Created in 18kt Gold, a
genuine emerald stone marquise cut, and hot red translucent Enamel.

Three sizes are available and they took Italian names related to how they look. Grassa, Bambino and Forte.

The Kintsugi Collection is one of the closest collections to her heart. It is a very inspiring one as she strongly believes that one should heal and fix the soul when broken with gold to become
more precious with to become stronger, more resilient and precious. Kintsugi teaches you that your broken places make you stronger and better than ever before. When you think you are
broken, you can pick up the pieces, put them back together, and learn to embrace the cracks.

Kintsugi teaches you that your broken places make you stronger and better than ever before. She Was also very inspired by the Novel, Eat, Pray, Love. The idea behind living on Borders and
loving one’s imperfection. Looking at the inner beauty of each stage of one’s life and neglecting all imperfections surrounding.

In 2007 she created Living on Borders Statement Collection, and used an Amethyst Crystal to be incrusted in the center of the design.

Over the past few months, she has been working on two new collections, yet to be fully released by May 2022.

The Process of creating a new collection is a rich process that takes months. Behind each and every jewelry piece is a story that extends from the very beginning of the inspiration process, to
sketching components of master pieces, bringing bits and pieces of her soul and beliefs into her jewelry. Every single detail of the story reflects an important element in the design of the master
piece, creating an amazing art-to-wear masterpiece.

It has always been Bizzari’s goal to leave an unforgettable mark in the hearts and souls of all the lucky ones owning one of her pieces.

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