Madrid Restaurant Guru Mocked For Water Bottle Charge

A Madrid restaurant guru who blew nearly EUR 1,000 on a caviar banquet has been ridiculed after moaning about the eaterie’s EUR 10 charge for a bottle of water.

Self-styled epicurean expert Pablo Cabezali – who writes on social media as Dinner With Pablo, or Cenando con Pablo – had posted a review of his lavish spread.

The meal – at posh Jondal beachside restaurant in Spanish holiday island Ibiza – included seven dishes served with caviar.

And the total came to an eye-watering 926 EUR  – but Cabezali shocked readers when all he did was moan about how pricey the bottled water was.

Clearly fed up with being charged EUR 20  for two bottles of mineral water he wrote: “Watch out, a bottle of water for 10 EUR!!!”.

Gastronomic influencer Pablo Cabezali shows the bill where he was charged EUR10 for a bottle of water in Ibiza, Spain, undated. The ticket also shows the Black Forest dish, for which he was charged 260 euros. (@CenandoconPablo/Newsflash)

He went on to whine: “Today I have been eating in the Jondal Restaurant in Ibiza and the bill skyrocketed.”

But followers were quick to point out that apart from the water, picky Pablo had blown most of the bill on caviar.

One dish – trikini caviar – cost a shocking EUR135  and caviar pasta came in at EUR 120 (GBP 103).

He was also served up with caviar burrata at EUR 85.

Another dish called -‘Selva Negra’ or Black Jungle Black – came in at a breathtaking that cost EUR 260.

The snap of the bill had more than 700 likes and 345 somments, among them ‘Mario Mazzone’ who said sourly: “Water caviar price has increased a lot.”

Another – Dr. Taylor – commented: “Are you complaining or are you bragging of wealth style? both things are awful”.

‘JuanitaBanana’ said: “You must be an imbecile to go to Ibiza to eat caviar”.

And Carla Sifer said: “In proportion, water is cheap.”

Jondal is a luxury beach restaurant set up in 2020 by chef Rafa Zafra.

In 2021, Spain’s El Pais newspaper tested the dishes and interviewed Zafra who claimed if anything his prices are too cheap.

Gastronomic influencer Pablo Cabezali poses in undated photo. He was charged EUR10 for a bottle of water in Ibiza, Spain. (@cenandoconpablo/Newsflash)

He said: “We have staff who have to pay for a house which in Ibiza is very expensive, transport and such.

“We give work to 70 people. Produce which is selected by my father in law in Rosas fish market, is the best.”

He added: “We receive daily by refrigerated plane all the ingredients despite the high transportation costs.

“We obtain excellent raw material that we do not manage to charge for as we should.”



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