Madrid To Welcome The Three Kings With Laser Light Display

The three kings are preparing to arrive in the capital – no parade this year but plenty of magic, music and light.

Madrid´s regional head of culture and tourism, Andrea Levy, announced that although the usual parade that usually takes the cortege of Balthasar, Melchior, and Gaspar along the Castellana from Nuevos Ministerios to Cibeles wont be happening they will be making their own special entrance to the city tomorow evening, 5th January.

The proceedings are set to start at midday at the Madrid Royal Opera House with a concert given by the Madrid Council Symphonic Orchestra as well as the traditional brass band of Las Hinds.

From 1830 Madrid will see a laser light display coordinated from six different points across the city to illuminate the arrival of the three kings.

The lights will be displayed at 25 minute intervals in the form of shooting stars and comets.

At 20.30 Madrid´s regional broadcaster, Telemadrid, will begin the live broadcast of the three kings arrival in the capital which will include a choreographed flight of angels over the Conde Duque palace.

Also in the evening´s line up, is the musician and violinist Ara Malikian, who will be performing from Conde Duque, providing the musical accompaniment to the three kings as they ascend their thrones and where they will sit to receive the official welcome from the municipal dignitaries of Madrid including it´s mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

As is tradition, Melchor will then speak to the children of Madrid with a special message of love and support to the elderly and vulnerable who have suffered so much this year due to the pandemic,


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