Madrid´s Second Heatwave Of The Summer

Temperatures in the capital are finally dropping after hovering above the 40 degree mark for the last three days, as the country sweltered under a relentless summer sun.

Data from AEMET, Spain’s State Meteorological Agency, said the second heatwave of the summer is coming to an end, having seen record temperatures across the country hitting a record 47 degrees in the province of Cordoba on Saturday 14th August.

The temperatures were between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius above the seasonal average across most of the peninsula.

Nevertheless the temperatures in the capital are forecast to remain in the mid 30s for this week and into next.
The Madrid region downgraded the red weather alert to orange, in addition to closing the main parks from 1500 today, Monday 16th August due to high winds and expected gusts of over 40km an hour.
The high temperature are believed to have been caused by hot air from the Sahara Desert which has also caused wildfires and freak sandstorms across the country.
Regional authorities have introduced bans on countryside activities incluiding summer camps as well as other measures to prevent fires from breaking out.

The World Meteorological Organization said temperatures being recorded in the Mediterranean region go well beyond the typical hot, dry August weather and instead “are extreme, and what we might expect from climate change.”

AEMET added to the WMO statement, saying that the last decade has seen 24 heat waves recorded,twice the number in each of the previous three decades.

Rubén del Campo, the AEMET spokesman said: “It is important to stay in cool places and to stay hydrated, and to special attention to babies and elderly, vulnerable or otherwise dependent people. Extreme precautions should be taken to avoid starting forest fires.″

In addition people should follow medical recommendations to avoid the extreme temperatures and take measures to mitigate the effects of the heat.












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