Madrid´s Virtual Health Card To Show Covid Info From Monday

The head of the Madrid regional government, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced today that the new virtual health card will be able to have Covid-19 information on it from Monday 14th December.

The virtual health card has been launched in June of this year to be used in tandem with the physical plastic card that is issued to all inhabitants of the Madrid region.

Since its launch some 130,000 downloads have been made on Android phones and tablets.

It can be activated in a number of ways including visiting any medical centre, obtaining a QR code or calling free to 900 102 112 once the user has had their identity confirmed.

Ayuso said that the use of the virtual health card would be a facilitator in the fight against the coronavirus and make citizen´s lives “easier” including allowing for all results from private as well as public clinics being shown.


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