Man Arrested In Sol For Filming Up Skirts On Metro

A man has been arrested for filming up women’s skirts with a hidden camera placed inside a suitcase on the Madrid underground, saying he planned to put the images online.

The 35 year old man admitted his guilt when he was intercepted by the police at the mail train and metro interchange in Puerta del Sol.

According to national newspaper 20minutos, police received a call on Monday afternoon from a municipal transport employee on a bus, who described how he had observed a young man filming up a girl’s skirt using a suitcase.

Using the description given by the employee, the agents reportedly managed to identify the man entering the Sol station and intercepted him in the lobby.

The man acknowledged that he was carrying an empty suitcase with a camera to record women’s private parts, but said he did not believe he filmed any minors.

Reportedly, the man voluntarily allowed the officers to access his phone and see the images.

According to the national newspaper La Vanguardia, the man planned to distribute the images on the internet.

The municipal police shared a video on their official Twitter page showing the small camera wedged in a corner of the empty suitcase.

They shared the video with the post: “Agents of the #CentroSur Unit detain an individual who carried a hidden camera in a suitcase with which he dedicated to recording the intimate parts of women in the # Public Transport #Citizen security #PreventivePatrol.”

The man has been arrested and charged with crimes against intimacy, there is no further information as to whether he has been charged or whether he is still in custody.

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