Napoleonic Reenactment Marks Madrid “Dos de Mayo” Celebrations

Madrid´s Napoleonic War Reeactement Society has been practising today to take centre stage in Madrid´s Dos de Mayo Celebrations next week.

The 2nd May is the marking of the popular uprising against the French occupiers of Madrid in 1808.

In that year, Napoleon has installed his brother Joseph to the Spanish throne following the abdication of both King Carlos IV and his son Fernando VII en rapid succession – and much confusion.

Today, Sunday 30th April sees the volunteers practising in the Retiro Park followed by a march past and ceremony in the Puerta del Sol in preparation for the official events starting tomorow 1st May.

The volunteers mustered in the Retiro at 11.00 and for the afternoon were in the historic centre to mark the Madrid rising over 200 years ago.

    • 16:00 Mustering of French & Spanish volunteers. March from Retiro Park with exit at Puerta de España.
    • 16:30 Homage to the Fallen of 2nd May at the Plaza de la Lealtad
    • 17:00 March through Bulevar del paseo del Prado, Alcala to Puerta del Sol
    • 17:45 Hommage at Puerta del Sol.
    • 18:00 March past through c/ Mayor, c/ Postas, plaza Mayor, c/ Ciudad Rodrigo, c/ de Santiago, Plazuela de Santiago, c/ Requena, plaza de Oriente.
    • 18:30  Reenactment  Of the 2nd May Uprising ( Plaza de Oriente).
    • 19:30 End



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