No Phase 1 Let Out In Madrid As Central Government Says No To Monday Relaxation

No Phase 1 Let Out on Monday for Madrid Residents.

The Madrid government´s request to move to the Phase 1 de-escalation of the state of emergency lockdown has been rejected by the central government.

The decision appears to have been based on Madrid not having its “ primary care detection system” in a more “robust” state as a condition before the central government can approve a “transitioning to another phase.” according to the Spanish Ministry of Health led by Salvador Illa.

The decision means Madrid residents will need to wait another week from the 11th May before the next review to assess the situation in Madrid.

The Madrid region has been hard hit by the virus with nearly 30% of all cases and 40% of deaths of the national total.

However the Madrid Premier, Isabel Díaz Ayuso said “ Madrid has seen the worst scenes and that’s why I am being cautious and I want steps to be taken little by little.” She echoed some of the criticism leveled at Pedro Sanchez during the Cortes debate over a perceived lack of a central government exit strategy to come out of the lockdown adding that “ in order to prevent a new spike, we’d have to stay at home forever,”

She also went on to announce that from 11th May all masks would be available free from pharmacies in the Madrid region.

The balance between economic recovery on one hand and citizens health and individual rights on the other appears to be a key faultline between the PP led Madrid regional government and PSOE led central government.

To date Spain has registered 260,117 covid 19 cases of which 26,299 have been fatalities and 168,408 have now recovered.

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