Police Dismantle Biggest Drug Distribution Network In Madrid

Police in Madrid have arrested 12 people and seized about 600 kilos of cocaine in an operation that dismantled what the Spanish authorities are describing as the largest drug distribution network in the region.

The police operation targeted an alleged drug trafficking gang which funded the smuggling of Colombian cocaine and Moroccan hashish and distributing them for sale in the Netherlands and central Europe.

In a police statement seen by the Madrid Metropolitan, Colombia’s National Police also helped in the investigation.

Police believe the leaders of the alleged drug trafficking network were a Moroccan man and his two brothers.

One of them allegedly supervised the logistics of the smuggling and distribution of drugs while the other one acted as a frontman.

The trio were aided by other relatives and associates, including a “narco”lawyer who police said laundered the gangs profits and even took part in drug meets.

Police investigators described the gang as “sophisticated,” having a setup that allowed them to dispatch “huge quantities ” of drugs under “dexterous security” conditions, including drivers transporting the drugs wearing business suits to avoid attracting suspicion.

Instead of the usual way of selling the cocaine by the kilogram, police said that the gang found an easier way of distribution by dividing it into packages of 370 to 390 grams, which were sold for around 10,000 euros each to a wide network of small scale local distributors.

The Spanish authorities also impounded 16 apartments, 700,000 euros  in cash, 20 vehicles, including one valued at 250,000 Euros, as well as a range of lethal firearms and security & surveillance equipment.


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