Madrid Looks At Adding Waiters To Vaccine Priority List

Madrid´s regional premier, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has said that the government is considering adding waiters, taxi drivers and teachers amongst other sectors of workers to be included as priority groups for the coronavirus vaccination programme.

In a meeting with hospitality industry leaders yesterday, Monday 1st February, she said that “we have analyzed the possibility of speeding up vaccination in highly exposed sectors such as teachers, taxi drivers, supermarket cashiers, waiters…” adding that the “first priority is to obtain vaccines for the most vulnerable people.”

At present the central government´s health ministry has divided the population into 15 priority groups for the vaccination programme, led by elderly residents in care homes and their staff, followed by front line health workers.

The PP leader has been at odds with the central government´s strategy for combating the coronavirus spread and has been outspoken in her calls for less restrictions.

She told the hospitality representatives that the region will return to a midnight curfew as soon as the epidemiological situation allows it.

The regional government  also announced an increase in the maximum sizes at tables from 4 to 6 people in a bid to keep the struggling sector afloat.

“In Madrid we are doing everything we can to keep our hospitality industry open despite the political pressure we are getting from all institutions,” said the regional premier.

The Madrid leader also highlighted the importance of ensuring adequate ventilation, in the closed spaces of bar and restaurant premises, which will be later confirmed as part of consumer’s rights.

The current restrictions are in force until February 8th when the regional health authorities will decide what action to take in conjunction with the central government´s Covid Coordination Committee that liaises with all 17 of Spain´s autonomous regions.

To the end of January the Madrid regional government has administered 180,000 vaccine doses, representing 80% of the total received.

In addition the regional health chief, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, announced today, that 142 pharmacies and 60 dental clinics will now be made available for free PCR tests.
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