Political Backlash Over Anti Gay “Fascist” March Through Chueca

The Spanish Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, has announced she will direct Madrid Public Prosecutors Office to investigate a march through the gay neighbourhood of Chueca yesterday, Saturday 18th September.

She said: “We will inform the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the LGBTI phobic and racist hatred in Chueca. In addition, we are urgently processing the Trans and LGTBI Rights Act, which allows for the protection of rights.”

However Madrid´s Republican Left party called on the minister to resign saying that she must bear her responsibility for the failure to protect the LGBTI community.

The party´s Madrid co-ordinator, Álvaro Aguilera, said that it took the residents to confront the marchers , many of whom carried Nazi and far right insignia.

The marchers were recorded making homophobic insults and ” queers out of our neighborhoods,” and “queers out of Madrid.”

Minister of Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, added: “We will do everything in our power to combat hatred against the LGTBI community and racism. We will take these facts to the Prosecutor’s Office and we will expedite the processing of the LGTBI and Trans Rights Act.”

The march was convened by the Madrid Seguro Neighbourhood Association which appears to have been set up by the far right protestors as a front organisation to fool the authorities to approve the demonstration which marched from the Puerta del Sol to the Plaza de Chueca to protest the central government´s LGTBI proposals.

The march comes weeks after a reported homophobic attack on a young man caused widespread anger but which proved to have been consensual in the police investigation.


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