Protect Your Company Name, Logo & Product Names With aTrademark.

Registering a trademark with is a great choice of a reliable partner and assistant for you and your business.

You can make it harder for copycats to steal your idea by protecting your business with a trademark. If you decide to register your trademark, you send a clear signal to the outside world that you own the rights to what you sell.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is the exclusive right to the elements that characterize your company. This is usually your company name, logo or product name.

1.Stop copycats

You can use your trademark to prevent others from imitating or copying your brand. A trademark is proof that you own the right to your company’s name, logo or product names.

2 Build recognition among your customers

Your trademark helps your customers recognize your company, your name or your products and helps differentiate you from your competitors. In this way, a trademark can be of great value because it is associated with a certain quality, for example.

3 Expand your market and make money

You can sell or license your trademark to others and thus make money from your idea. This can be relevant if you want to expand your business, for example through a franchise agreement.

4 Raising finance and business partners

By having a registered trademark, you can show that your company has potential and that you are serious about your business. This can help potential investors and business partners secure their investment.

Research the market before deciding on a brand name

Check to see if others have protected the trademark you would like to use and have rights to it. You cannot get exclusive rights to a trademark if it is identical or similar to existing trademarks.

In doing so, you ensure that you do not infringe on the rights of others and thereby inadvertently become a copyist.

You can lose both time and money if you don’t coordinate your efforts to develop your company’s brand identity in the form of: company name, logo, product names and domain for your online store or website.

You don’t want to approach investors and spend money on marketing until you have the rights under control and buy the domain.

It is expensive and embarrassing to leave, for example, flyers and products and find out that you are not allowed to use your planned name and logo – or that the domain for your planned online store is already taken.

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