Daily Tipple Keeps You Young & Healthy Says 107 Year-Old

A woman aged 107 in Spain’s longevity capital who believes the secret to a long life is a daily shot of coffee liqueur has amazed people with her advice for longevety and beauty.

Esperanza Cortinas from Ourense, Galicia, was born on 4th December 1916 and is still going strong, with friends amazed at how she is still active and regularly goes dancing at the weekends, despite her age.

Esperanza, who lives with her daughter, Mari Carmen, says she takes care of herself.

Mari confirmed this to local media adding that “she is self-sufficient, she showers and dresses herself, she does her hair and makeup, she makes food.”

Esperanza Cortinas, 106, holds a glass with coffee liqueur, undated. She claims the secret of her longevity is a daily shot of coffee liqueur. (Newsflash)

Mari even said she does “everything my mother does, to see if that way I can reach her age.”

Esperanza, who turned 107 in December 2023, told local media: “Every day I am dressed as best as possible.”

She said her body is still vital, adding: “I go out dancing every Friday and Sunday.

“The rest of the days, I’m going to play the game and then have a chocolate with churros or an ice cream, whatever happens.”

When asked about the secret of her longevity, Esperanza said smilingly that “no one knows that; I think it’s because of the cold weather in Ourense, which keeps me like this, with this skin and almost no wrinkles.”

But she also confessed: “Every day I take a shot of coffee liquor mid-morning.”

This, she added, is combined with an active social life and a healthy diet.

Esperanza had previously told local media: “I still like to look pretty. And if one day I don’t, my daughter makes me. You have to take care of yourself.

“I go dancing several days a week, play card games, smile a lot, and besides, I have a daily shot of coffee liqueur.”

Ourense has over 300,000 inhabitants, with 384 of them over a hundred years old.

Ourense Province is Spain’s longevity capital and, according to a study by the project Ourensividad, is on course to be the world’s longest-living territory in a decade.

Longevity in Ourense has been attributed to its quality of life, thermal baths, locally-sourced food, and absence of pollution-generating industries.



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