Spain´s Roman Catholics See Red Over ‘Effeminate’ Christ Poster

A poster of Jesus to promote Easter week in Seville has caused an uproar with Spanish conservatives, who have denounced it as “effeminate” and “offensive” to Roman Catholics.

Designed by Seville artist Salustiano Garcia, the poster shows Christ after his resurrection from the dead, stood semi-naked in front of a blood-red background, with the lower part of his body covered by a white cloth.

It shows “the radiant side of Holy Week” in the “purest style of this prestigious painter”, said the Council of Brotherhoods and Guilds that organises the main Easter week events in the southern city.

However this was not the view of the conservative Catholic groups in Spain , with social media filled with protests at the “sexualised” poster.

The artist Salustiano Garcia, presenting the poster in Seville.

The ultra-conservative Catholic IPSE, slammed it as ” absolutely shameful and an aberration,” and instead of fostering “respect for Christian symbols” it instead portrays Christ as “effeminate” and “camp.

The group has called for it to be withdrawn and is demanding a public apology from the artist.

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