Rampaging Yob Attacks Women On Metro Platform

This is the brutal moment a man punches a woman waiting for a train so viciously that he knocks her right off her feet on the platform.

The footage, recorded on CCTV cameras at a Barcelona metro station on 9th February, shows the girl waiting for a train as the attacker swaggers towards her.

Before he gets to her he slaps five women as they wait for a train in the busy Camp de l’Arpa station.

As he sees the girl, he starts to increase his pace but she seems oblivious to the threat as she scrolls through her phone while wearing headphones.

As he reaches her he swings back with his right arm and hits her a dizzying blow to the side of her neck so hard she falls heavily to the floor.

Then as the clip ends he flees along then platform to an exit.

The girl is reported to be his 12th victim in one day of attacks which left one woman with a perforated eardrum.

Police later seized the North African man but released him while they investigate the attacks.

A photograph was released of the suspect but he has not been named.

Police are investigating him for sexist hate crimes, local media reported.

A police spokesperson said: He said: “We arrested a man for assaulting several women at the Camp de l’Arpa metro station in Barcelona.

‘We are investigating if there are more women who were assaulted.

‘If you have been a victim, report it to any police station.’


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