Ronaldo Is Back As He Opens Hair Transplant Centre In Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to open a new state-of-the-art hair implant centre in Madrid and has named his WAG Georgina Rodriguez as one of the managers.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez during business day;

Ronaldo is set to open the new 2,500-square-metre hair implant centre in the Spanish capital Madrid and reports state Georgina Rodriguez will be named as one of its administrators.

The centre, which belongs to the Insparya Group which Ronaldo co-founded with his fellow Portuguese Paulo Ramos, will be built on Joaquin Costa street in Madrid and will employ 150 professionals, with 18 rooms and the capacity to perform 18 hair transplants a day, according to reports.

The initial outlay on Research and Development has reportedly been 1 million EUR  but reports state Ronaldo hopes a further 25 million EUR investment in the next three to four years will make the group a world leader.

In a press statement, the Juventus forward said: “In addition to football, I am passionate about health, technology and research, they are areas which I wanted to invest in. I wanted the first clinic of the international expansion to be situated in Madrid, a city I lived in for many years.”

he new office of Insparya, business owned by Cristiano Ronaldo,

He said: “Madrid is the city which made a mark on my life forever from a professional and emotional point of view. I developed an important part of my career there and it’s also where I built my family. I like to support entrepreneurial projects with solid features to spread the best of what we have in Portugal throughout the world.”

Ronaldo was asked if he would ever undergo hair treatment and he said: “When I think it’s necessary, of course I’ll do it. One’s image is an essential tool for being successful. For me it’s fundamental.”

When asked about the decision to have his girlfriend Georgina as one of the administrators of the new centre, Ronaldo said: “There are many women with serious hair complications and it’s one of the reasons Georgina wanted to get involved in this project. She’s very active and enterprising. She likes to work and this issue, on the one hand, concerns her and on the other hand motivates her, that’s why she wants to be involved.”

Cristiano Ronaldo;

Local media report the hair transplants at the six-storey clinic centre will start from 4,000 EUR  and spokeswoman Carla Palanca said to Golder’s News and Sport (Golder’s): “We can confirm that Ronaldo will be at the opening on 18th March.”

Palanca told Golder’s: “The clinic will offer packages for foreign clients, offering a stay in the hotel, airport transfers and transport to and from the clinic during the treatment so that clients will be able to do the treatment here instead of Turkey.”

Insparya president Ramos said: “We have the knowledge, but to open clinics outside of Portugal we need a reputation. He will give us that push. We want to open the next centre in 2019 or 2020.”

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