Sanchez Seeks Final Extention On Second Day Of No Corona Deaths

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez is seeking the sixth and final extention of the state of emergency ( estado de alarma) from Parliament ( Congreso de Diputados) today.

The minority coalition government of PSOE and Unidas Podermos is expected to receive support from Basque and Catalan groups for the measure to pass.

This last  two-week extension will extend the government’s emergency powers until  21st June.

The government had first announced a state of emergency on 14th March to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

There were no recorded deaths from Covid-19 in Spain for the second day running though Fernando Simón, head of the Governments´s coronavirus task force warned that there had been a modest increase in registered infections though this could be due to “day-to-day discrepancies” in the compilation of the data from the 17 autonomous communities.

To date Spain has recorded 287,012 Covid-19 cases of which 27,127 have died.

The government´s 4 phase de-escalation plan is in different stages in different parts of the country. Madrid is presently in phase 1 though 70% of the rest of the Spanish population is in phase 2.

The government had indicated that for phase 3 implementation powers would be in the hands of the regional authorities.

Madrid regional government is expected to request for a move to the next phase  by Monday 8th in line with the central government´s guidelines for each stage to have a minimum of 2 week implementation period.


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