Sick Killer Left Flowers On Victim’s Bricked-Up Corpse

Spanish National Police investigating the murder of the missing 22-year-old woman found bricked up in an apartment have reported they discovered a gruesome bouquet of flowers on her mummified corpse.

Victim Sibora Gagani’s body had been sealed behind a double brick wall built by her killer at the ex-couple’s former apartment in Torremolinos on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Marco Gaio Romeo – Sibora’s former boyfriend – confessed to her murder while he was being quizzed by police about the killing of another girlfriend in May.

Police found Sibora’s remains behind the false bedroom wall using mobile X-ray equipment on 6th June.

Police video footage of the discovery shows officers with sledgehammers breaking through the wall to the grim chamber behind.

One officer can be seen brushing through what is believed to be lime, often used by killers to break down blood and body tissues.

Local media report that police found a large chipboard box filled with strong-smelling lime.

Inside it, they found a knife with traces of dried blood inside a plastic bag, as well as various personal belongings.

The victim’s intact corpse was found wrapped in plastic inside a camping bag.

Bizarrely, a bouquet of flowers was found on her corpse.

The body was in a state of saponification, a kind of natural mummification caused when a body produces fatty, soap-like “corpse wax”.

The apartment’s current tenant – named only as David – told local media on 7th June that the extra wall was so well built he thought it was original.

David – who has unknowingly lived with the corpse in the flat for seven years – told local media: “The important thing is that everything has gone according to the police’s plan, and the family can find peace and know the truth about what happened to their daughter after nine years of uncertainty.”

Sibora, an Italian national of Albanian origin, had moved to the Costa del Sol with her then-boyfriend Romeo in 2011.

She disappeared on 7th July 2014, shortly after breaking up with him.

Romeo – from Nettuno, Italy – was arrested last month over the killing of another of his former partners, 28-year-old Paula, who was stabbed 14 times.

He is reportedly the father of one of Paula’s three children.

After seeing Sibora’s picture on a bulletin board at the police station, 45-year-old Romeo confessed to killing her too and told police where to find her body.

Police are still waiting for the results of DNA testing on the recovered corpse.


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