One Of Spain´s Longest Cold Cases Ends After Murderer´s Confession

One of Spain´s longest missing person searches has ended after National Police  reported they had found the body of a young Italian-Albanian woman missing since 2014 bricked up in a wall.

The search for missing Sibora Gagani had been abandoned but resumed a few days after the arrest of her former partner last month (May).

Suspect Marco Gaio Romeo was seized for killing Paula, another of his former partners, in Torremolinos, Malaga Province.

Paula, 28, was allegedly stabbed 14 times by Romeo, who was arrested after being spotted entering and leaving her home.

Romeo – from Nettuno, Italy – is the father of one of Paula’s three children.

After his arrest for her murder, the 45-year-old confessed to killing and bricking up Sibora after seeing her picture on a bulletin board at the police station.

He admitted to using acid to dissolve the 22-year-old’s body.

National Police officers who searched the former couple’s flat in Torremolinos found Sibora’s remains in a bin bag in a cavity behind a wall on 6th June.

The apartment, which is located a stone’s throw from the Local Police station and the Town Hall, had been searched several times before but to no avail.

It is currently occupied by other tenants, who have been cooperating with the police throughout the investigation.

The remains have been sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Malaga to confirm via DNA testing that they do, indeed, belong to Sibora.

The victim, an Italian national of Albanian origin, moved with Romeo to the Costa del Sol in 2011.

She disappeared on 7th July 2014, shortly after breaking up with him.

After hearing of Romeo’s arrest, Sibora’s relatives, who live in Italy, immediately suspected that he was behind her disappearance.

Prior to admitting his guilt, the suspect had maintained that his former partner had left the flat with all her belongings.

Officers have since found her old photos and her personal belongings hidden in the apartment.


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