Spain Covid-19 Spike Turns To Surge

The Spanish government have announced that the number of new cases detected has accelerated in the last week with 158 monitored outbreaks in the country and a total of 1,963 active cases.

The epicentre continues to be in Catalonia and Aragon where outbreaks amongst fruit picker workers has caused widespread localised lockdown measures being introduced but has not stopped the spread to the cities including Barcelona.

On Friday the Catalan regional government announced that it will be implementing new restrictions measures affecting some 4 million residents to contain the rise however they stepped back from  introducing lockdown bans. The government had already made the wearing of face masks obligatory in all public places.

Galicia has announced the obligatory wearing of masks in all public places.

In addition there has been a rise from 50,000 to 54,000 in suspected cases.

In the last week the Ministry of Health announced that 9 deaths were recorded. Speaking at the weekly press conference Fernando Simón, the head of the ministry´s Covid Task Force who have the responsibility of co-ordinating the response and collecting data from the 17 automomous communities, the methodology of which changed from May 25th said the trend was ” worrying”.

To date Spain has recorded 307,335 cases and 28,420 deaths from Covid-19.




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