Spain Covid Infection Rate Continues Downward Trend

The latest government figures released yesterday, 16th February by the Ministry of Health show a continued decrease in the number of new coronavirus infections and deaths.

The figures showed that there were 10,057 new cases and a 14-day cumulative rate of 386 cases per 100,000 inhabitants across the country.

Madrid´s rate is also falling with figures showing an infection rate of 529 per 100,000 though this is the highest in mainland Spain.

Valencia has the next highest with 470 and Catalunia less than 300.

The figures are still well above the 250 infection rate the government considers to be of extreme risk and significantly above rates in other major European countries but the trend is clearly a downward one.

The figures are just under 6,000 down on the same day last week, when 16,402 infections were reported.

However, the figures also showed 530 new Covid-19 victims bringing the official death toll to 65,979.

The situation outside the mainland differs widely with Melilla on the highest registering 588 cases per 100,000 to the Canary Islands on only 127 and the Balearics 286.

The Health Ministry´s target of 10% test positivity rate is also being met with just 8.2% of those tested having a positive result.

The falling incident rate has had a knock-on effect for hospital admissions with just 15% of hospital beds now being occupied by Covid-19 patients, although the figure rises to  37.3% for intensive bed units

The government´s  director of the Covid  Coordination  (CCAES),  Fernando Simón, welcomed the downward trend but advised against relaxing the restriction measures in place  across the country.

To date Spain has received a total of 2,914,755 doses of Covid-19 vaccines of which a total 2,624,512 doses have been administered including to 1,096,922 people who have received their second injection.

To date Spain has recorded 3,096,343 cases of whom 65,979 have died.


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