Spain Covid Rate Falls As Madrid Ends Basic Health Zone Restrictions

The latest Covid-19 infection rates published by the Spanish Health Ministry released this week show a further decrease to 129 cases per 100,000 inhabitants – the lowest since October 2020.

The figures published yesterday, Monday 24 May show an overall increase of 11,067 compared to last Friday, of which 1,017 have occurred in the previous 24 hours.

The Madrid region continues to be among the highest with 202 cases per 100,000 compared to neighbouring Castilla La Mancha on 75 and Castilla y Leon on 134 per 100,ooo inhabitants.

However the Madrid regional health authorities hailed the continuing fall and announced that there are no longer any restrictions being applied in any of the regions 286 “basic health areas.”

The pace of the governments vaccination programme also continues to improve.

The latest figures show that Spain has received 25,747,905 doses of which 23,962,365  have been administered.

Of that, 16,347,683 people have now received at least one injection and 7,865,313 people have now been fully vaccinated, representing 16.6% of the population

The falling infection rate is having a knock on effect on hosptital admissions.

There are currently 5,614 Covid-19 patients in hospitas  in Spain, of which 1,627 are in intensive care units (ICUs), representing around 17% of the total available.

As with the national infection rate, there are wide regional variations, in Valencia and Galicia, the ICU occupation just over 3%, while Madrid is the worst affected region, with over 35% of ICU beds occupied by Covid-19 patients.

To date Spain has recorded 3,647,520 cases of Covid-19 of whom 79,711 have died.


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