Spanish Cooking Masterclass

Hello all!!

Catalina Brennan

Welcome back to our meeting place for gastro experiences! Recipes, places to go, where to buy ingredients, and a tribe of similar minded people who´ll meet every so often to discover Madrid and it´s gastronomy.

We are playing out our last days of winter and aiming for sunny spring. If you visit a market you will now find lots of colours: red and green cabbages, artichokes, pumpkins, avocados, fennel, oranges, strawberries, kiwis, caquis/persimmon, the last pomegranates, and soon, the first asparagus of the season, green and white.

As usual, I recommend you buy them in a local market or fruit store, rather than supermarkets. The difference in quality is inmense. Today I did my shopping in my favourite fruit and veggie stall, Aurelio´s, in Mercado de las Ventas, puesto 140.

So here´s our winter recipe. We´re preparing a winter salad, using 3 vegetables and fruits common in our fruit stalls in this season:

  • Escarol
  • Blood orange
  • Pomegranate
  • Confited or smoked cod
  • Olives (best are camporeal, purple or aceitunas rajadas, tastier and more authentic than typical manzanilla) Again, you will find these in markets or in stalls sold by weight, not canned.
  • Orange vinaigrette
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic

We will rub the garlic clove in the bowl where we plate the salad, it will contribute a great aroma!


Wash the escarol, add the pomegranate, the blood orange, olives, cod, and make a vinaigrette with some orange juice, extra virgin oil and salt. You can also add some seeds: sesame, poppy, pumpkin. Enjoy!!!

What should we do with the escarole that´s left? Tortilla!! Yes, it´s delicious and very original.

Firstly, we need to caramelize garlic and a red onion, julienned, in a cooking pan with olive oil and salt, so it will cook in it´s own juices, slowly. Add the escarole and cook for no more than 2 minutes, so it will soften a bit.

Mix in a bowl with whisked eggs and some chives and cook in pan, medium high. Voilá!!

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