Spanish Lockdown Compensation Measures

The Madrid Metropolitan Outlines The Financial Measures For The Effects of COVID-19 on individuals, families and businesses.
The current COVID-19 crisis is affecting all of us in many different ways. We have listed below a series of website links that may provide you with additional information for advice and help.
The Spanish Government announced a package of economic measures including  SEPE for further information, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section on issues, including pensions and benefits Covid 19 Measures
If you are self-employed or have seen your business affected:
There are tax deferrals available for small businesses and the self-employed. Depending on the number of employees you have, you may be exempt from paying employers’ social security contributions.
If you are self-employed and your income has been reduced by 75% you can access the “self-employed unemployment scheme”. You may also be eligible for suspension of mortgage payments and discounts on electricity. You can find more information on measures for the self-employed here
If your work contract has been temporarily suspended (ERTE):
You will receive unemployment benefit, even if you haven’t made social security contributions, as long as you were legally employed. You should not need to submit any application; your employer should have notified you and the authorities. You can find more information here
If you have lost your job and are now unemployed:
You may be eligible for Spanish benefits and you may be able to include time previously worked in the UK or other EU member states towards your claim. Our Living in Spain guiden and the European Commission pages (both in English) provide further information. To find out how to claim unemployment benefit in Spain visit SEPE
If you find yourself in severe financial hardship you should talk to social services at your local town hall in the first instance.
Links to relevant announcements in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE)
  • Limitation to movement and closure of retail establishments. Link to BOE here
  • Rents: increased facilities for tenants, especially for those defined as vulnerable. Link to BOE here.
  • Utilities: provisions for the continuation of services. Link to BOE here and BOE here.
  • Mortgages: moratoria permitted under specific circumstances. Link to BOE here and BOE here.
  • Temporary closure of tourist accommodation. Link to BOE here.
  •  Enhanced access to unemployment benefit. Link to BOE here.
  •  Support for workers ending fixed-term contracts. Link to BOE here.
  •  Fixed-term contracts and the furloughed worker scheme. Link to BOE here.
  • Details of the scheme for temporary layoffs. Link to BOE here.
  • Sick leave related to Covid-19. Link to BOE here.
  • Working hours: adaptation or reduction of working hours. Link to BOE here.
  • Provisions for remote working. Link to BOE here.
  • Paid leave for non-essential workers 30 March – 9 April. Link to BOE here.
  • Rules for redundancies. Link to BOE here.
  • Agriculture: facilitation of short-term employment. Link to BOE here.
  • Social security contributions: flexibility on payment. Link to BOE here.
  • Special scheme for those suffering a reduction of revenues: Link to BOE here.
  • Industry: availability of state backed loans Link to BOE here.
  • Company tax deferrals. Link to BOE here.
  • State backed guarantees. Link to BOE here.
  • ICO credits lines. Link in BOE here.
  • SMEs credit lines to promote digitalization. Link to BOE here.
  • Consumer loans: special provisions for vulnerable consumers. Link to BOE here.
  • Travel bookings: cancellation and compensation provisions. Link to BOE here.
  • Spanish Employment Service’s Covid-19 website: here
  • Spanish Social Security’s Covid-19 website: here
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