Spanish Police Raid Arms Gang Running RPGs And Explosives

Spanish Police have dismantled a major gun-running gang and seized hundreds of weapons including rocket launchers, anti-tank mines and explosives in raids across Spain.


According to the Spanish National Police, the operation was carried out in 15 different provinces in Spain where police officers searched 32 houses, seizing 731 firearms and making 21 arrests.

The pictures show one of the men arrested who reportedly had an Instalaza C9, which is a 90mm disposable shoulder-fired and one-man operated rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher.

The suspect also had two anti-tank mines, explosive material, aluminium powder, gunpowder and three detonators and several guns with four of them classified as illegal war weapons, the National Police reported.

The police reported that 123 of the firearms which were seized were illegal.

Local authorities reportedly also seized two grenades, several thousand gun parts and more than 55,000 ammunition shells as well.

The guns were reportedly modified and fixed using the parts of other guns in seven workshops where they were prepared to be sold on the black market.

Although the gang was dismantled in Spain, local authorities are investigating if they had connections with other international criminal organisations.

The nationalities of the 21 people arrested have not been reported.

Reports say the police investigation started in Malaga a year ago when the officers started to follow a person who was selling and buying guns and gun parts on the black market.

More than 200 officers were involved in the operation that was carried out nationally including Madrid, Burgos, Toledo, Malaga, Valencia,  Tarragona, Murcia, La Coruna, Lugo and Barcelona.

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