Spotlight On Madrid´s Best News & Coffee Kiosk

Located in the heart of La Latina and in the Catch 22 spot between the neighbourhood´s bustling staples of Mercado de la Cebada and El Viajero is a small but powerful kiosk stand
that meets our residents and tourists´ caffeine-on-the-go fix along with a curated selection of magazines and newspapers.

Originally conceived by the triumvirate of Gautier Robial, Davide Date and Pablo Pardo who had their first kiosk supplying newspapers and magazines along with a cup of coffee in Barcelona before later expanding to other Spanish main cities such as Valencia as well as Marseille in France.

Pardo´s background in the hospitality industry and ingenious eye for a business opportunity began when he had lived closed to a kiosk in Paseo San Juan 17 in Barcelona and began to revive the kiosk as a business model by revamping it with delivering speciality coffee and independent magazines – and servicing a busy city with busy people.

Spotting a young man grabbing an American (News and Coffee happen to roast their own single origin Arabica coffee in Barcelona , and available to purchase in its stands) was redolent of many a
90s sitcom or film in New York and perhaps leads one to think about how Madrid is now evolving away from its laid back Spanish roots to something akin to the fast-paced Big Apple.

Curated by art director Yaël Hupert, the magazine selection on offer in the kiosk is hard to come by in other newsstands because magazines are picked according to the appetite of the barrio in which the kiosk serves, and it seems by its numbers of sales, residents in La Latina love to read about architecture and interior design. However, there are other titles on offer, from sport to fashion and even obscure Japanese magazines – yet served by personnel speaking perfect English!

One thing is clear, the coffee is spectacular, the magazines are interesting or you can grab your national newspaper such as El Pais, you will be served with a smile and the News and Coffee Kiosk is here to stay in La Latina.

Plaza de la Cebada 3, News & Coffee

Amy Fernandez Kong



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