The Hole Returns To Madrid For The Summer Season

As if we were not hot enough the hit show “The Hole” returns to the stage on 10th July in Madrid for a summer season in the Casa de Campo.

The burlesque cabaret show is now it´s second season and with its mix of circus, music and suggestive dance its been a winner throughout the country.

More than half a million people have seen the show in Spain.

The Madrid show takes place in the Casa de Campo due to the ongoing restrictions on indoor venues and will run until 6th September.

The show half Rocky Horror and half Cirque de Soleil includes comedians Alex O’Dogherty, Cristina Medina and Manu Badenes as well as a cast that includes dancers, singers,  trapize artists, tightrope artists and contortionists with set with music and a plot that leads you deep down the hole…….



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