Veranos de La Villa Set For Summer Return

Madrid´s re-opening and return to “new” normality continues with the annnouncement by the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, that the annual summer Veranos de la Villa festival will be celebrated. 



The festival which is celebrated all over the city´s 21 neighbourhoods combines  music, dance, theatre, circuses and family entertainment.

This year due to it´s later start the festival will run for one month not the traditional two from 29th July until 30th August.

The festival is a cultural celebration held at venues across Madrid and including open air concerts, magic shows, film festivals, circus, sport competitions, theatre and dance performances.

Popular, classic, jazz, electronic, flamenco music, sport, circus, dance, meetings and popular parties bring together the proposals of various well known artists on the international scene. It is a cultural offer that is committed to accessibility, providing free access to the activities for the public.


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