Police Rush To Crocodile In School To Find Its A Toy

Madrid police were rushed to a school after receiving a report that a baby crocodile was on the loose arrived to find the predator was actually a children’s toy.

The incident occurred in the town of Alcorcon, on the outskirts of the Spanish capital Madrid when a local resident called the police warning a baby crocodile was in the Joaquin Costa school.

Officers went to the scene only to find the crocodile was actually a children’s toy, and they shared pictures of the crocodile on the bonnet of the car on Twitter with the caption: “We know that the [River] Pisuerga is far away, but today we were called out for the possible presence of a baby crocodile at the Joaquin Costa school. We found it. #FalseAlarm.”

The police were referring to an alert issued some weeks ago at the River Pisuerga in Valladolid, in the Castile and Leon region of Spain, where a crocodile was reportedly spotted.

The Spanish Civil Guard launched a search party for the predator but after several days they said no evidence of crocodiles were found and the search was ended.

Netizen Raru K., who goes by ‘errezege’ on Twitter, wrote: “It’s clear that whoever made the call needs glasses.”

The police responded with: “From the school fence it could be mistaken for a real one.”

Luis R. Alonso, whose username on Twitter is ‘Luisralonso’, wrote: “A joke that stopped those cops being able to attend real and important issues.”

And Juan C. Hortelano S., who goes by ‘esmejorcallarse’ on Twitter, wrote: “It does not look very dangerous, it does not seem very aggressive.”

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