Water Heroes As Firefighters Save Parched Deer Saved From Inferno

This is the heart-lifting moment when a firefighter gives much-needed water to a parched deer after it was saved from a wildfire.

Nearly 36,000 hectares of land have been destroyed by fires in the town of Losacio in the autonomous community of Castile y Leon, displacing thousands of wild animals as a result.

Forest Fires Castile and Leon shared a video of one deer being given water by kindhearted firefighters that went viral with 4.3 million views.

In the clip, the deer is seen gulping down the bottled water as several firefighters look on.

The weary-looking animal takes a second drink of the bottled water and its eyes widen slightly as it apparently recuperates after its ordeal.

The fire authority said on Twitter: “We thank this Zulu 2 crew and the #AAMM because they have done everything possible to stabilise this dehydrated roe deer. Right now he is going to CRAS for his full recovery.”

Forest Fires Castile and Leon added: “We could not be prouder of the great professionals among our ranks, especially the #ForestFirefighters and #AAMM.

“They get strength from where there is none to save everything and everyone they can. We thank you.”

The fire authority added that the deer is currently being treated by vets and is recovering well.



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