Woman Single Handedly Battles Police Over No Mask Arrest

This is the shocking moment a woman puts up fierce resistance while she is arrested by several officers for not wearing a face mask in public.

The arrest of the woman, who has not been identified, took place in the centre of Madrid on Saturday, 5th September.

Hundreds of COVID-19 deniers protested of the government’s measures to fight the virus on the same day, however, it is unclear if the suspect was participating in them.

The video shows the moment several officers hold the woman as she yells “I am not going to put on the face mask!” several times.

After showing no signs of compliance, officers lead the screaming woman into their patrol car, but are unable to place her inside as she yells “Film them!”

After officers are forced to wrestle with the suspect for about a minute, some witnesses can be heard criticising them for being too rough.

Several cops are seen placing their hands on top of the woman’s head to try to put her in the car but are unable as she screams “Help!” and “for not wearing my face mask!”

The cops are eventually able to place her inside the vehicle after picking her up and sliding her in horizontally.

Several witnesses then start chanting “Freedom” as she is finally placed inside the vehicle and officers quickly close the door after her.

It is unclear if there is an open investigation on the incident.

Authorities report around 500 people attended the COVID-19 denialist march which they organised via social media and did not notify the government. Police claim they identified 110 people who were not wearing masks.

The protest resulted in 13 detentions, however, it is unclear if the woman’s arrest was included in this number.

The people arrested for not wearing their facemasks in public may face a fine between 300 and 600 EUR.

According to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, there have been a reported 498,989 cases of the virus in Spain leading to 29,418 deaths.


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