Z Cars – Spanish Police Vehicles Go Electric

The Spanish National Police are adapting to the times with the purchasel of 106 plug-in hybrid Ford vehicles worth over 4.5 million Euros.

The vehicles were unveiled at a ceremony  on December 4th in Madrid.

The new vehicles will compliment the already existing fleet of BMW electric cars that were incorporated into the Madrid Municipal and Spanish National Police in the region.

It is hoped that the new high-tech Ford SUV vehicles which are aimed to make catching criminals much easier.

They said in a Twitter statement that the “106 plug-in hybrid SUV vehicles financed 100 per cent with European funds for an amount of EUR 4,553,230 from Next Generation EU Funds of the Plan of Recovery, Transformation and Resilience.

The EU package of over 140 billion Euros was approved in 2021 as part of Spain´s post pandemic recovery.

“These vehicles, with label 0 will soon be patrolling our streets to ensure security.”



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